How Credit Unions Keep Your Money Local

There's more to a credit union than meets the eye. Take a look at how they operate and benefit members and the community.

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How Credit Unions Keep Your Money (and its Impact) Local

  1. You Deposit Your Paycheck
  2. Your Money is Pooled with Other Member Deposits
  3. Another Member Borrows from Pooled Deposits
  4. The Member Pays Interest on Their Loan
  5. Their Interest Payment is Pooled with Other Interest Funds
  6. You Recieve Income Interest on Your Savings
  7. The Rest of the Pooled Interest Fundsgo back to Membersand the Community in Order to:
  • Put Money Back into Members' Pockets (Low Fees, High Returns)
  • Help the Community Thrive (Charitable Donations)
  • Improve Financial Literacy (Free Events & Resources)
  • Help Members Succeed (Product Development)