Is It Time to Switch Banks?

Choosing a new financial institution can be tricky. We've created a checklist to help navigate the process!

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Is it Time to Switch Banks?

A Checklist for Closing Accounts and Starting Over

Why Would You Leave Your Bank?

  • Excessive Fees
  • No Mobile/Online Service
  • Poor Products/Services
  • Negative Experiences

How Can You Make the Switch?

  • Research Local Credit Unions and Banks Considering:
    • Fees, Product Offerings, Customer Service
    • Savings Interest Rates, Loan Rates, 
    • Nearby Branches & ATMs, Online and Mobile Banking
    • Community Involvement, Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Choose the Best Option
  • Open Your New Account
  • Leave Money in Your Old Account (To Cover Uncleared Payments)
  • Transfer the Rest to Your New Account
  • List Services/Automatic Banking Activities, Including:
    • Account Alerts, Direct Deposit, Automatic Payments & Transfers, and Overdraft Protection
    • Online Banking and Mobile Apps
  • Stop Services/Automatic Banking Activities to the Old Account
  • Set Up Services/Automatic Banking Activities to the New Account
  • Wait for All Payments to Clear the Old Account
  • Close the Old Account
  • Take Your Remaining Money. You're Done!